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Firework Fears – Advice for Dog Owners

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dog-fireworksBonfire night will soon be upon us and if you have a pet that doesn’t like the fireworks, here are some tips that may help…

First of all, try not to alter your own behaviour in anticipation of what your dog may or may not do.  Try to treat Bonfire Night and the surrounding days the same as any other, as your dog will most certainly pick up on any changes.

If possible, give your dog more exercise with a second outing earlier in the day, so as not to be out when the festivities begin.

Make a safe place/bed somewhere quiet in the home, possibly a few days to a week before so that your pet is used to going there.  If your pet does run and hide then leave him/her alone and don’t try and coax them out.

If there is a display close to your home, maybe arrange for your pet to stay with friends/family/home boarding or a kennel for the night.You could start to get your dog used to firework noises with a desensitisation CD.  Play it at a low volume so as not to get a response.

You can treat or play a game, gradually increasing volume over a period of time; if you rush the training and the dog reacts then you will need to go back a few stages and progress at a slower pace.

There are herbal tablets on the market that may help to relax your dog during this period, with some requiring administering up to 3 weeks in advance, so look into this sooner rather than later.  Also, there are collars as well as plug-ins that release a pheromone which may help calm your pet in a natural way.

With severe cases, consult your vet as they might be able to prescribe or advise drugs that may help.

Hope these tips help and everyone has a nice night.

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