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  • General Dog News

    Preparing for old age

    When we first buy a puppy, not many of us look too far into the future – the years seem to rush by and we share lots of memorable moments, holidays, long walks etc. Then the day comes when we notice our dog isn’t quite as quick as he or she used to be.  More content with laying on the sofa watching TV with the family than out walking in the cold.  For some breeds this happens sooner than others and life expectancy does not even reach double figures, whilst other breeds can reach the ripe old age of 18. By preparing for old age in our dogs, we can…

  • General Dog News

    Obesity in Dogs

    There are many reasons a dog can become overweight, for example illness or injury, neutering or unsuitable diet/insufficient exercise. Obesity seriously increases the chance of heart problems, diabetes, breathing difficulties and arthritis. Once your pet is overweight it becomes a vicious circle – their activity level decreases, making it harder to lose the pounds. It’s easy to find yourself in this situation, as living with your pet – seeing them everyday means that small weight gains can go unnoticed. If you think your dog is overweight there are a couple of ways to check. Look at your pet from the side – their belly should be tucked up, also if…