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How to stop your puppy from biting

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I’ve had a few people come up and stop me in the street recently, asking me how to get their puppy to stop biting – all of which were around twelve to sixteen weeks old.

Puppies bite and that is a typical age when puppies increase their biting, which is mainly due to teething. Also, there has been no ‘bite inhibition’, which basically means they have not yet learnt the strength of their bite and the items they can bite.

For puppies younger than ten weeks, a high pitch squeal can do the job, any older than ten weeks and you need to transfer the attention onto a soft toy or any other item you have for the dog to chew.

Squealing and or jumping in pain can become a game to the puppy, so stop any interaction as soon as teeth are felt on your skin, as this behaviour cannot become familiar to your pet.

Have a ‘time out’, letting the dog know as soon as he/she lays teeth on you that the game stops. Remain patient and calm, as this won’t stop over night but will work in time.

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